Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I hear there’s a form I need to complete before I am able to graduate. What is it, how does it work, and to whom do I submit it?

A: Yes, there is a graduation application for each program. The form is available in the reception area of the IT Programs office, room 3176.  Complete the form and submit it to the Registrar’s office.  It may take a week or two after completion of the required courses for transcript to be noted; it takes 6-8 weeks to receive the actual certificate or degree in the mail.  You can also make an appointment with Lisa Sandoval for assistance with the graduation form if you so desire.

Q: What overall grade point average (GPA) do I need to graduate an IT program? Also, do I have to retake a class if I fail to get a 2.0 or better?

A: You need to have obtained at least a 2.0 in each course required for the program in order to graduate.  There is no minimum cumulutive GPA requried. You will be required to retake any courses in which less than a 2.0 is received.

Q: How do I get class prerequisites waived?

A: That depends on the prerequisite.For Math, you would have to place above the required prerequisite class; for example, most IT programs have a prerequisite of MAT 119T – if you place into a college level Math (102 or above) we can waive the Math prerequisite.For English 106 Technical Writing, this course cannot be waived outright.  You may request credit for prior work experience, or transfer in ENG 102 to satisfy the prerequisite.

For MIC 101, you can take the SAM Challenge available in the testing center

For ITC 102, you can schedule to take the final exam in the IT Programs department conference room

For ITC 140 and NET 120, you need to have the comparable CompTIA A+ and Network + respectively to waive these.

Q: My husband is a resident of washington for the past 2 yrs .i got married and moved to washington last month.Will i be considered as a resident?

A: Please refer to the Registrar’s page on resident status: http://seattlecentral.edu/admissions/residency.php

Q: Where can I find the IT Programs counselor?

A: Dale Zeretzke is the Business and Information Technologies Department Counselor.  You can contact him to set up an appointment for personal or academic counseling services. Dale Zeretzke Room: 5166

Email: mdelarosa@sccd.ctc.edu

Office: 206-516-3158

Seattle Central Counseling Website


Q: Where can I find assistance for a particular class?

A: The Seattle Central Tutoring Center has some resources to assist with technology classes.  You can register for tutoring in room 1102B1 of the Broadway Edison building.

Tutoring Website


Q: Where can I get access codes or signatures to register for a restricted IT class?

A: Permissions to get into a restricted course can be acquired from the course instructor.  For Special Topics classes, the access code can be acquired from Lisa Sandoval.

IT Programs Personnel


Q: What classes are available next quarter?

A: The class schedule for upcoming quarters will be available on the SCCC website as soon as the published schedule is released.  The published schedule can be found at the Seattle Central Registration office. Expect it to be released 4-5 weeks into the previous quarter for Winter, Spring and Summer.  Fall schedules will be released during the preceding Spring quarter.

Q: How can I get the software that is used in class?

A:  Many of the applications used in our classes are available in the MSDN Academic Alliance Software Center.  Here you can get cheap or free copies of many of the software applications used in our classes.Microsoft Office is not available at a discount.

To order the software:

Go to http://msdn05.e-academy.com/sccc_it

Click Register

In the Username box, enter your STUDENT ID #

Complete the remaining boxes and click Submit

Q: What are the office hours of the IT Programs Office?

A: The Business and Information Technologies Office is open Monday through Friday.

Business and Information Technologies Office

Monday – Thursday 9am – 6pm

Friday 9am – 1pm

Q: When is Lisa available?

A: Lisa Sandoval is on campus during the normal operating hours of the Business and Information Technologies Office.  An appointment can be scheduled with her at the front desk.

On campus:

Monday – Thursday 9am – 6pm


Monday – Thursday 1pm – 5pm

Lisa Sandoval

Email: lisa.sandoval@seattlecolleges.edu

Direct: 206-934-5575

Office: 206-934-3150

Fax: 206-934-3131

Q: Are the international students qualify for work study?

My situation is that I just started my classes this winter quarter.  I am taking Network Design and Admin. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree already in my home country which is B.S. in Computer Science.  Am I qualified to apply for any job postings you may have if ever?  Thank you very much.

A: I don’t think so –
Work Study is a Financial Aid award, so if you are not approved for federal financial aid, you are likely not qualified for Work Study funds.