Apex systems- Looking for Web Designers


Global Web Builder (1-year+ contract)

Job Description:

Builder position is responsible for the build and fulfillment of CDK product and services orders. The Web Builder is responsible for setup, configuration, building of websites and other products. The Builder is also responsible for managing proto changes of websites. The Builder is responsible for creating and editing original custom graphics. The Builder may also edit Flash animations and JavaScript. The Builder is expected to proof their own work and to maintain a certain QA score for their work.


The Builder is responsible to meeting or exceeding individual revenue targets and contributing to the overall business unit targets. The Builder is responsible for maintaining the required order work load and to meet or exceed published lead time goals.


The Builder will take their direction from the Order Specialist in fulfilling the order to specification. This position is responsible for effectively communicating and seeking clarification as necessary to effectively fulfill the order within the specified lead times.


Must haves:




(JavaScript)—probably, but we don’t know for sure yet

(JQuery)—probably, but we don’t know for sure yet


Position Summary:

CDK is migrating 9,000 websites from one proprietary platform to another, which they are entitling their “Next Generation” platform. To do this, they’ll need to move already written code over. Then see if it renders in the new platform. They need to be able to read, write and edit code so they can go in and see what mistakes might be blocking the site from looking good/functioning on the new platform.


It’s a great chance to use your web development and design technologies and tools in a professional setting. Also it’s a production based environment, valuable exposure in high volume, production based work.


Websites are highly trafficked and have a broad consumer base. They have 28,000+ clients.


Daniel Brewer  |  Sr. Professional Recruiter  | Apex Systems

10500 NE 8th St. Suite#1525, Bellevue, WA 98004

Office: 425-278-0083   eFax: 425-696-0610

dbrewer@apexsystemsinc.com  |  www.apexsystemsinc.com



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