Apply for a chance to attend the NCWIT Summit on Women & IT

Hello Student Seed Fund winners & advisors-

As a change leader at your university (or the mentor of change leaders), we invite you to apply to attend the NCWIT Summit on Women & IT.

The annual NCWIT Summit convenes Change-leaders (women and men) from over 650 member organizations across the country. The Summit provides leading-edge research and practices for recruiting, retaining, and raising awareness about girls and women in technology; opportunities to connect and collaborate in programs and workshops; and engaging speakers who offer research, inspiration, and encouragement. In addition to representatives from schools, organizations and agencies across the K-16 pipeline, our audience is comprised of prominent social scientists and computing executives from more than 70 major corporations, corporate foundations and startups.

This year, NCWIT has created an opportunity for a limited number of college students (18 years of age or older) to attend the Summit as Change-leader Scholars. These individuals are students who are interested in becoming, or already are, Change-leaders for diversity in tech within their own communities.

NOTE: Students who are selected to participate in the Summit will not be required to pay a conference registration fee, but will need to provide their own travel funds.

Apply today:
Please let us know if you have any questions.


Malia Fredrickson
Program Manager | Aspirations in Computing College & Community
Twitter: @NCWITAiC
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