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Training Camp + Draft Day

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

The Road to Draft Day – Educator Handbook

WTIA Pilot Recruiting Program: Now Accepting Nominations

{ About }

Tech Recruiting is at a crossroads. Startups and mid-size companies face stiff competition from tech giants, while companies of all sizes face budgetary, logistical and need constraints, forcing them into to a shallow talent pool.

How do companies invest in recruiting? Many admit to the unsustainable practice of sourcing from a limited pipeline of ‘trusted’ schools such as Stanford and MIT.

How do underrepresented schools and programs get noticed? Despite the increasing demand for tech jobs, a deep pool of talented students, veterans and candidates with non-traditional backgrounds go unnoticed due to limited recruiting resources.

To bridge this gap, WTIA is playing matchmaker with the launch of a unique Recruitment: Draft Day and Interview Prep Program: Training Day.

You’re invited to help us #LevelThePlayingField for your students. Nominations are now open!

{Draft Day Program Benefits}


  • Increase visibility of candidates from underrepresented schools and programs
  • Bridge gap between required skills/experience and curriculum
  • Increase student post-grad hire percentage
  • Increase Tech Program visibility


  • Increase access to tech employers
  • Gain insights into diverse tech sectors, cultures and opportunities
  • Discover alternative training and educational resources


  • Expand Recruiting Pipeline beyond traditional educational institutions, i.e., MIT and Stanford
  • Increase awareness of diverse talent pool
  • Create pipeline to communicate needs to educators


  • Job types: QAE, SDET, TPM, PM, Information Security Analyst
  • Candidates must be nominated by a tech educator
  • Eligible tech educators: University, Community College or tech program instructors (ie, Code Fellows, Dev BootCamp, Coding Dojo, etc)

EDUCATORS + Nomination Instructions

1) Each instructor may submit up to 10 nominees

2) Nominees may be current or past students

3) For each candidate, submit the online Draft Day Nomination Form

4) Provide each nominee with the Candidate Instructions and Candidate Application Essay link:

NOMINEES + Application Requirements

1) Draft Day Candidate Application form: provided by the nominating tech educator

2) Resume (resumes must be submitted as a word doc. PDF’s will not be accepted)

Candidate Selection | Scouting Report

{The Draft Day Advisory Committee is comprised of tech company hiring managers,

recruiters and startup founders}

The Draft Day Project Manager will edit each submitted resume, nomination form and candidate essay to remove the name of the candidate and college/university/program to create a blind review process

Each candidate will be evaluated by the required submitted materials:

  • Nominator Evaluation Form
  • Candidate Essay
  • Resume

Top Candidates and their instructors will be notified of their selection to move on to Round 2 – Training Camp!

Training Camp

{Draft Day Prep Program}

Training Day participants will have access to a variety of tools and information to prepare them for interviews and help move them on to Draft Day.

  • Presentation coaching
  • Mock interviews
  • Tech-centric resume building
  • Panel Discussions
  • Complimentary headshots

Candidates will be evaluated on overall presentation and interview skills.

Training Camp evaluations will be combined with the Scouting Report to determine the finalists selected to advance to Draft Day.

Top Candidates and their instructors will be notified of their selection to move on to Draft Day


{Congratulations, You’ve Made It to Draft Day! According to  the Scouting Report – You’re an All Star. Your Performance in Training Camp will guarantees you a starting position}

Draft Day Candidates will use their Training Camp skills to interview with top hiring Tech Companies in a blind speed-dating format.


At the start of each interview, the interviewer will be presented with the candidates redacted resume (name and educational program removed).

Each round ends with both the candidate and the interviewer submitting a scorecard evaluating one another.

After scoring each candidate, the interviewer will immediately assign the candidate one of the status updates below:

  • Scouting Report – Interviewer would like additional information and will receive the Nomination and Candidate Essay submissions to consider
  • Signing Bonus: Candidate receives invitation to Full-Cycle Interview
  • Red Shirt:  Candidate is not a fit for a current open position, however, may be a good fit for future openings
  • Free Agent: Candidate is not a fit at this time

Candidates will score each interviewer on style, content and company fit.

Candidate and Interviewer scorecards will be updated at the end of each round.


After the final Draft Day round, all participants will retreat to the Draft Day Lounge for a networking reception while the Draft Reports are finalized.

Draft Reports will be be distributed + Names and Matches revealed!

For updates and additional information, contact Draft Day – Project Manager: Heather Craig

The Road to Draft Day – Educator Handbook


Apply for a chance to attend the NCWIT Summit on Women & IT

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

Hello Student Seed Fund winners & advisors-

As a change leader at your university (or the mentor of change leaders), we invite you to apply to attend the NCWIT Summit on Women & IT.

The annual NCWIT Summit convenes Change-leaders (women and men) from over 650 member organizations across the country. The Summit provides leading-edge research and practices for recruiting, retaining, and raising awareness about girls and women in technology; opportunities to connect and collaborate in programs and workshops; and engaging speakers who offer research, inspiration, and encouragement. In addition to representatives from schools, organizations and agencies across the K-16 pipeline, our audience is comprised of prominent social scientists and computing executives from more than 70 major corporations, corporate foundations and startups.

This year, NCWIT has created an opportunity for a limited number of college students (18 years of age or older) to attend the Summit as Change-leader Scholars. These individuals are students who are interested in becoming, or already are, Change-leaders for diversity in tech within their own communities.

NOTE: Students who are selected to participate in the Summit will not be required to pay a conference registration fee, but will need to provide their own travel funds.

Apply today:
Please let us know if you have any questions.


Malia Fredrickson
Program Manager | Aspirations in Computing College & Community
Twitter: @NCWITAiC
AiC Facebook

TEDx Talk Seattle Central at the Wood Technology Center

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

The Wood Technology Student Council will be hosting an information session this Thursday, March 3rd at 4PM for a Spring Quarter TEDx Talk (PDF).



A Presentation on Using a Mentorship Circle in a Technical Workplace

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Amazon presentation, with free food


Cyber Security – Mary Jane Kelly

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Have you considered a career in Computer Security? Byte Club and Seattle Central welcome industry speaker Mary Jane Kelly, an expert in the evolving field of Cyber Security. Join MJ and gain professional insight into careers in Network Security and discuss future trends in the field.

This lecture will provide valuable resources for developing the skills employers are looking for. Take the opportunity to find out more about one of the most fascinating, rapidly growing jobs in tech.

Mary Jane Kelly

Contact Byte Club @

Room 3179

January 26th

4- 5pm


Filter Digital @Central, Wednesday, Aug. 5th, 7pm, BE3175

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Stephanie Hill & Stephanie Falls of Filter Digital are coming to Seattle Central to explain how working through an agency gets us experience and helps us become in demand in industry!

When: Wednesday, Aug. 5th, 7pm Where: Room BE3175 at Seattle Central College

An agency that finds the perfect job and invests in your future? It doesn’t seem possible, but it is.

Whether you’re just starting out or an industry expert, we’ll stick with you every step of the way.

Filter’s been around for 25 years helping people just like you find the perfect job in the creative and development world. We work with all of the major companies to help them find just the right talent at just the right time.

At Filter, you become a W2 employee and also become part of our family (Filteratti) where we provide a full suite of benefits.

We’ll help you get the training and experience unique to your situation that will further your career and hone your skills.

Please come and find out early how to position yourself for the jump to industry!

Thank you!

Bill & Sara

Sit down, Plug in, Change the World!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Want to contribute your technical skills to local non-profits without
a long-term commitment? Seattle GiveCamp is a weekend event when
computer/mobile professionals and social media experts work with
non-profits on tech projects. Last year, we had 150+ volunteers who
worked on more than a dozen projects that included mobile apps,
Wordpress websites, SEO, and Salesforce customization. This is a great
way to lend a helping hand, add to your professional network, and pick
up new skills! To volunteer during Oct 2-4 weekend at Microsoft in
Redmond, sign-up here:

Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack & Michael Reinhardt on Technical Interview & Whiteboarding

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack, CEO of Fizzmint and Michael Reinhardt of Microsoft are coming to Seattle Central for a very special presentation on technical interviews and whiteboarding!

A technical interview features questions or programming/development problems that are specific to the job offered.

A whiteboard test is the process during a technical interview where the interviewee is asked to use a whiteboard to demonstrate a solution for a programming challenge.

Tarah and Michael will be here on Monday, August 3rd, 7-8:30pm in room BE3175 and you’re invited!

Tarah and Michael have vast experience to share with us regarding the technical interview process and how to succeed in this competitive environment.

From Tarah & Michael we’ll hear what its like to sit on both sides of the table during tough tech interviews with the biggest companies!

Here are some of the things Tarah & Michael will cover:

  • What happens in the tech interview and how to shine!
  • How to clarify the question
  • How to segment the whiteboard
  • How to paraphrase what was said
  • How to gain concurrence that what you’ll write will satisfy
  • How to pay attention to the group with whom you are speaking
  • How to handle tough interview questions
  • How to handle special interview situations, like the lunch interview
  • What it’s like to interview with big companies like Microsoft

Technical Interview Demonstration: Tarah and Michael will demonstrate a technical interview during this presentation!  Not to be missed!

Tarah & Michael will be here Monday, August 3rd, 7 – 8:30 pm, Room BE3175 at Seattle Central.



Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

June 12th. 1PM  Room 3178

Join Seattle Central Alumni Tanya Sweeney for a workshop on:

Make Yourself Recruitable

Bring your laptop and resume and get to work in a hands-on workshop intended to help you brand yourself in a way that is highly visible and appealing to hiring managers and recruiters.

What You Will Do

You will update your resume, LinkedIn profile, GitHub account, Dice account, and personal website so that together they create a personal brand that will attract the attention of hiring managers and recruiters.


Coding Preparation Workshop:

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

Please join us for our “Interview Prep Session” with Gayle Laakmann McDowell. Gayle is the author of the best-selling Cracking the Coding Interview book and the founder/CEO of She has previously worked as a software engineer for Google, Microsoft, and Apple and holds a BSE/MSE in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

This class will focus on how to do well in software engineering interviews. This is not a fluffy be-your-best class; it is deeply technical and will discuss specific algorithm and data structure topics. It will cover how to walk through an algorithm problem, how to brainstorm solutions, how to discuss the problem with your interviewer, and how to write code (and test code) on a whiteboard.


May 5th




May 19th