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The following chart outlines all the courses offered in the current quarter by the Seattle Central IT Programs. The chart is organized by instructor, and includes room and schedule information for each course offered.

Instructor's List Fall 2015
NameCourse #Item#CRCourse NameRoomDay(s)TimeContact Information
StartEndOffice#E-Mail & Phone
Anitas, MikeMIC 104P19722PhotoshopBE 714-5630-C
Anitas, MikeMIC 104E19732Using Computers II Ms ExcelBE 3165TTh10:00AM10:50AM
Anitas, MikeMIC 104T19752PowerPointBE 3165MW10:00AM10:50AM
Anitas, MikeMIC 160W19794Suoport MS ApplicationsBE 3151MW5:00PM6:50PM
Conger, SteveITC 110.131905Programming Concepts & FundaBE 934-5458
Conger, SteveITC 22032065Database Development for PrograBE 3179MW10:00AM12:15PM
Costello, RobertITC 15132265Introduction to Network SecurityBE 934-3103
Costello, RobertITC 136.0131805UNIX Operating SystemBE 3183MW1:00PM3:15PM
Gildea, RavenWEB 17032414Content Mgmt SystemBE
Higdon, DeborahITC 136.0231815UNIX Operating SystemBE 934-3103
Higdon, DeborahNET 14232235CISCO IBE 3180MW1:00PM3:15PM
Higdon, DeborahPSYC& 220 (9080) and PSYC& 220 ( 9081) Online
Johnson, AprilBUS 113253Diversity Issues in BusinessBE
Johnson, AprilBUS 184355Business Database AppsBE 3174Daily8:00AM8:50AM
Levy, JeffryBUS 122273The Entrepreneur ToolkitBE
McCann, MartinWEB 114.0132363Photoshop For the WebBE
McCann, MartinWEB 114.0232383Photoshop For the WebBE 5104TTh3:30PM4:50PM
Meredith, StanislavaITC 110.231915Programming Concepts & FundBE
Meredith, StanislavaWEB 105.132313Working on a Web TeamBE 3156MW11:00AM12:15PM
Meredith, StanislavaWEB105.232323Working on a Web TeamBE 3175MW7:40PM9:10PM
Meredith, StanislavaWEB 110.0132334Web Authoring IBE 3156TTh1:00PM2:50PM
Messerly, Ed NET 120.232165Network Essentials: Network +BE 934-3136
Messerly, Ed NET 12232155Network Operating Sys 1- Win 8BE 3183TTh10:00AM12:15PM
Messerly, Ed NET 13432175Network Communications TCP/IPBE 3183TTh1:00PM3:15PM
Messerly, Ed NET 20032255Enterprise ApplicationsBE 3183MW5:00PM9:20PM
Miller, HughMIC 101.919594Intro to Microcomputer ApplicaBE
Miller, HughMIC 101.319534Intro to Microcomputer ApplicaBE 3156Sa9:00AM12:40AM
Moh, YunMIC 102ECA220121Intro to spreadsheets using MS ExcelBE 934-2955
Moh, YunMIC 101(9138), MIC 151(9142) and MIC 215(9143) Online
Natoli, RobertBUS 131295Integrated Comm IBE 934-3123
Natoli, RobertBUS 116265BUS Math/SpreadsheetsBE 3178MWF9:00AM9:50AM
BE 3175TTh
Natoli, RobertBUS 185365Small Bus ManagementBE 3178MWF10:00AM10:50AM
BE 3175TTh
Nazarian, HajiMIC 101.219524Introduction to MICBE OR 934-5541
Nazarian, HajiMIC 101.419544Introduction to MICBE 3167MTWTTh10:00AM10:50AM
Newman, Bill ITC 240.0132105Web Apps Programming 1BE 934-3111
Newman, Bill ITC 240.0232115Web Apps Programming 1BE 3156TTh3:30PM5:50PM
Newman, Bill WEB 20532432Web Career StrategiesBE 3156TTh6:00PM6:50PM
Newman, Sara WEB 110.232304Web Authoring IBE 934-3111
Palazzo, MarleneBUS 140315Customer RelationsBE 934-4339
Palazzo, MarleneBUS 170284Information Technology IBE 3214MW10:00AM10:50AM
BE 3174TThF
Palazzo, MarleneBUS 216375Professional DevelopmentBE 3214Daily11:00AM11:50AM
Riley, KevinITC 14031975Intro to computer HardwareBE 3180MW6:00PM8:15PMBE 934-5552
Sinkula, Mike WEB 16032402Writing for the WebBE
Sinkula, Mike WEB 11232353Typography For the WebBE 5104MW6:00PM7:30PM
Sinkula, Mike WEB 21032445Advanced Web DesignBE 3174TTh7:00PM9:15PM
Spizman, RayMIC 102W19651WordBE
Spizman, RayMIC 102E19661Excel for WindowsBE 3184Sa9:00AM11:50AM
Stanford, CalvinMIC 102ECA120111Computer SkillsBE
Szemetylo, OlgaWEB 12032374Web Authoring IIBE
Tartow, RobinMIC 298 HY19833Special Topic:Computer EssentialsBE 934-2955
Taylor, MikeMIC 101.519554Intro to Microcomputer ApplicaBE 934-4342
Taylor, MikeMIC 10119564Intro to Microcomputer ApplicaBE 3174MTWTh12:00PM12:50PM
Taylor, MikeMIC 101HY319574Intro to Microcomputer ApplicaBE 3174T1:00PM2:50PM
Wilburn, ThomasITC 21032055Advanced Web DevelopmentBE
Wheeler, Tarah ITC 13431955Operating SystemBE
StaffMIC 101.819584Intro to Microcomputer ApplicatiBE 3156TTh3:00PM4:50PM
StaffITC 102.231783Information Computer ConceptsBE 3175MTW5:00PM5:50PM
StaffITC 102.131773Information Computer ConceptsBE 3173MTW9:00AM9:50AM
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