Quarterly Class Offerings

Line Of Computers

The following chart outlines all the courses offered by the Seattle Central IT Programs, including WEB, ITC, NET, and CSC courses. The chart includes the course name, course number, number of credits, and quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer) that each course is offered throughout the school year.

M=Morning, A=Afternoon, E=Evening (5PM or greater)

Course #Course NameCreditsSummerFallWinterSpring


WEB105Working on a Web Team3M|EE
WEB110Web Authoring I4AA|EA|EA|E
WEB112Typography for the Web3EA
WEB114Photoshop for the Web3EE
WEB120Web Authoring II4EAM|EE
WEB130Web Authoring III4AE
WEB150Intro to Javascript4EAM|EA|E
WEB160Writing for the Web2EE
WEB170Content Management Systems4EEA/E
WEB200Theory of Web Design4EA
WEB202User Centered Web Design4EE
WEB205Web Career Strategies2EE
WEB210Advanced Web Page Design5AE
BUS240Internet Law5E


NET120Network Essentials5AM/EAA
NET122Network OS I5ME
NET124Network OS II5AE
NET126Network OS III5ME
NET138UNIX for Network Admin.5EM
NET142Network Mgmt Cisco I5AE
NET144Network Mgmt Cisco II5AE
NET146Network Mgmt Cisco III5EA
NET200Enterprise Applications10ME


ITC102Systems Concepts or Final Exam3MM/EMM
ITC110Programming Fundamentals5M|EE
ITC115Object Oriented Programming5MA/E
ITC134Computer Operating Systems5AAA
ITC136Intro to UNIX5EAMA|E
ITC140Intro to Computer Hardware5AEAA
ITC151Intro to Network Security5AE
ITC 162Intro to Mobile Development 5E
ITC172.NET Web Programming5MM
ITC210Advanced Web Development5AE
ITC220Database Design5AMA/EE
ITC224Database Solutions5M
ITC226Database Administration5A
ITC 240 / 280Web Application Programming 15AAAM/E
ITC250 / 290Web Application Programming 25AAA
ITC255System Analysis5A
ITC260 / 216Web Application Programming 35AA
ITC285Capstone Project5A


CSC110Intro to Computer Programming5M+AlabM+AlabM+AlabM+Alab
CSC142Programming (Java)5M+AlabM+AlabM+AlabM+Alab
CSC143Programming II5M+Alab
Last updateMay 28, 2014