Seattle Central Community College has five distinct programs of study for those interested in working in the information technology field., with a sixth program: Mobile Application Development, coming soon.

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Information Technology Programs Overview

If You Like ToConsiderWhat You'll DoSample CoursesJob Titles
Organize. Enjoy math and problem solving. Can think through a task and create a plan easily. Are a logical thinker and like to develop strategies and test theories.


Write, test and maintain programs that computers must follow to perform their functions; code, test, program and debug software and hardware; use computer languages; develop design specifications for operating systems.Object Oriented Programming, Mobile App Dev, .Net, UNIX, Systems Analysis & DesignApplications Software Technician, Computer Programming Technician, Mobile App Dev, Front End Dev.,Web Dev., Program Analyst
Illustrate and design materials such as brochures, flyers and newsletters; enjoy creative work and graphic design.

Web Design

Create graphics and design for websites; use the latest multimedia techniques to produce effective and appealing websites.Web Authoring, Writing for the Web, Content Management Systems, User Centered DesignWeb Designer, UIUX Designer, Web Builder, Freelance, Web Producer
Work on technical aspects of websites such as programming and database development; enjoy math and logic.

Web Development

Combine programming and web design to produce web pages and sites; design structures; write code in programming languages.Web Application Programming, LINUX , .NETWeb Developer, Web Programmer, Front End Dev., Freelance
Work on highly technical, complex projects; are a logical thinker; enjoy troubleshooting and problem solving.

Networking/ Cisco Systems

Retrieve data and information from a mainframe computer or a server; design, evaluate, and manage systems such as Local Area Networks (LAN), and other data communications systems.Network Essentials, Network OS 1, 2 & 3, Cisco I, II, and III, Network Communications, LINUX for Network Administration
Network Specialist, Network Technician, Network Administrator, Systems Administrator
Problem solve and organize; plan, test, and debug systems; and implement solutions.

Database Administration and Development

Create and install databases that track inventory, sales, and other important records; may design security functions.Systems Analysis and Design, SQL with Server, LINUX, Database Development, Database Programming & AdministrationDatabase Administrator, Data Analyst, Front End Developer, Database Designer, Database Programmer