Network Design & Administration

What’s special about seattle central’s network design & administration program?

Seattle Central offers three options for students interested in networks: a four-quarter certificate, an A.A.S. Degree, and a three-quarter CISCO certificate.  Depending on your goals and previous experience, you can choose the program that is best suited for you.  The Network Design and Administration option at Seattle Central will provide students with excellent basic network skills and with knowledge of networks in current use:  Microsoft Windows vista & Server 2008, Unix and Linux. Dedicated labs are available for networking classes, CISCO and hardware courses. A course in network integration will provide a capstone experience in which students select appropriate hardware and operating system software for a “real world” network problem.

Consider the network design & administration department if you like the following:

  • Work on highly technical, complex projects
  • Are a logical thinker; enjoy troubleshooting and problem solving.

What you would do

Retrieve data and information from a mainframe computer or a server; design, evaluate, and manage systems such as Local Area Networks (LAN), and other data communications systems.

Sample Courses

Network Essentials, Network Management, Cisco I, II, and III, Network Communications, UNIX for Network Administration.

Job Titles

Network specialist, network operations technician, network administrator, systems analyst.

Network Design & Administration Certificate Requirements

.*Suggested sequence only. Students may enroll out of sequence as long as course prerequisites are met.
Course IDCourse NameCredits


Eligibility for MAT 098 and ENG 101
MAT 119Math Behind IT3
ENG 106Technical Writing3
ITC 102 or Final ExamInformation Systems Concepts 3
MIC 101 or SAM ChallengeIntro to Computer Apps 4
NET 120Network Essentials5
ITC 140Intro to Computer Hardware5
Total Credits23

First Quarter

ElectiveApproved IT Elective5
NET 122Network OS I Win 85
NET 134Network Communications TCP/IP5
NET 142Cisco 1 (opt. if not taken as prereq)5
Total Credits20

Second Quarter

NET 126Network OS III - Ntwk Infrastructure5
NET 124 Network OS II - Win 2012 Server5
NET 144Cisco II5
Total Credits20

Third Quarter

NET 138Unix for Administrators5
NET 146Cisco III5
ElectiveApproved IT Elective5
CIS 197Network Work Experience3
Total Credits18

Fourth Quarter

ITC 151Network Security5
NET 200Enterprise Applications10
MIC 175 or BUS 140Computer User Support or
Customer Relations
Total Credits19-20
AAS-T Requirements
ENGL & 101Composition5
HUM 105Intercultural Communications5
MATH 136 OR MATH& 146Inferential Statistics or Intro to Statistics5
Elective(Science or Social Science)5
Cisco Alternative Certificate
Eligibility for MAT 098 and ENG 101
MIC 101 or SAM ChallengeMicrocomputer Applications 4
ITC 140Intro to Computer Hardware5
ENG 106Technical Writing3
MAT 119Math Behind IT3
ITC 102 or Final Exam Intro to Comp Info Concepts 3
NET 120Network Essentials5
Suggested Sequence
NET 122Network OS I win 85
NET 142Network Management - Cisco 15
NET 134 Network Communications TCP/IP5
NET 126Network OS III - Ntwk Infrastructure5
NET 124Network OS II - Win 2012 Server5
NET 144Network Management - Cisco II5
NET 146Network Management - Cisco III5