Web Design

Web Design

What’s Special About Seattle Central’s Web Design Program?

Students in this IT program share many core classes with students in the Web Development program. It is common to pursue both of these to become the Front End Web Developer rock star! Graphic Design and User Experience classes develop an eye for design.

Consider the Web Design program if you like the following:

  • Illustrate and design materials
  • Information that is well organized and easy to find
  • Aesthetic look and feel of websites

What you will do:

Create graphics and logo designs for websites. Use the latest multimedia techniques to produce user-centered websites. Work in a development team to create a site for a live client.

Sample Coures:

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, User Centered Design

Job Titles:

Web Designer, Front End Web Designer/Developer, User Experience Designer.

Web Design Certificate Requirements

*Suggested sequence only. Students may enroll out of sequence as long as course prerequisites are met.
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
Eligibility for MAT 098 and ENG &101
ITC 102 or Final ExamInformation Systems Concepts or take the final exam0-3
MIC 101 or SAM ChallengeIntro to Computer Applications or take SAM Challenge in testing center4
Total Credits:0-7
First Quarter
WEB 105Working on a Web Team3
WEB 110Web Authoring 14
WEB 112Typography for the Web 3
WEB 114 or DES 114Photoshop for the Web or Media Publishing 13
Total Credits:13
Second Quarter
WEB 150Intro to Javascript4
WEB 120Web Authoring 24
ITC 220Database Development5
WEB 200Theory of Web Design4
Total Credits: 17
Third Quarter
WEB 202User Centered Web Design4
WEB 130Web Authoring 34
WEB 170Content Management Systems4
ITC 240Web Application Programming 15
Total Credits:16
Fourth Quarter
ITC 197Internship/Work Experience1
WEB 160Writing for the Web 2
ITC 136Intro to UNIX5
WEB 210Advanced Web Design5
WEB 205Web Career Strategies2
Total Credits:15
Total for Certificate(after prereqs)61