Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack & Michael Reinhardt on Technical Interview & Whiteboarding

Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack, CEO of Fizzmint and Michael Reinhardt of Microsoft are coming to Seattle Central for a very special presentation on technical interviews and whiteboarding!

A technical interview features questions or programming/development problems that are specific to the job offered.

A whiteboard test is the process during a technical interview where the interviewee is asked to use a whiteboard to demonstrate a solution for a programming challenge.

Tarah and Michael will be here on Monday, August 3rd, 7-8:30pm in room BE3175 and you’re invited!

Tarah and Michael have vast experience to share with us regarding the technical interview process and how to succeed in this competitive environment.

From Tarah & Michael we’ll hear what its like to sit on both sides of the table during tough tech interviews with the biggest companies!

Here are some of the things Tarah & Michael will cover:

  • What happens in the tech interview and how to shine!
  • How to clarify the question
  • How to segment the whiteboard
  • How to paraphrase what was said
  • How to gain concurrence that what you’ll write will satisfy
  • How to pay attention to the group with whom you are speaking
  • How to handle tough interview questions
  • How to handle special interview situations, like the lunch interview
  • What it’s like to interview with big companies like Microsoft

Technical Interview Demonstration: Tarah and Michael will demonstrate a technical interview during this presentation!  Not to be missed!

Tarah & Michael will be here Monday, August 3rd, 7 – 8:30 pm, Room BE3175 at Seattle Central.



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