Web design/development

For distribution to suitable IT students.

I have several opportunities for web-persons at different levels:

  1. Managing and maintenance of websites.
  2. Building website using proprietary GoDaddy Software.
  3. Managing blogs.
  4. Developing secure pages.
  5. Adding to shopping carts.
  6. Producing electronic books
  7. Marketing of e-books and other books.
  8.  Editing of books and publications.

One object is to learn so you don’t need to know everything about these sites and you many specialize in one or two of these sites.

The following are the major websites:

www.pni.org   This is the largest and one of the most visited neuropsychiatric websites (HTML). Main task maintenance e.g. fixing links, adding pages, correcting errors.  Several new articles are being added.

www.VernonNeppe.org  The Vernon Neppe Gateway  (GoDaddyWebsite Builder predominantly PHP but formulary ): We are currently adding and compiling new YouTubes plus fixing particularly many of the pages (research, media, home, about and research).

www.VernonNeppe.com  Vernon Neppe Research Site (in .aspx; formulary very easy to use). Several new articles need to be added. This site has blogs to be added and managed in any language e.g. WordPress or other. We want to ensure that the blogs can be monitored and moderated and functional for others to post.

www.brainvoyage.com  Vernon Neppe’s books. This is in PHP. The menus are useful to amplify.  This site also has an oldish secure shopping cart which needs to be maintained and updated. Many books are being added.

www.ecao.us  The Exceptional Creative Achievement Organization. A non-profit organization. In Drupal, but straightforward.

This site needs to have individual secure pages built for members and another which is read only for sponsors. This site requires individualization.  http://instituteforscientificexploration.org/human-performance-enhancement-division/ Possible but being managed outside for the present. Human Performance Enhancement Division (HPED) of the World Institute of Scientific Exploration (WISE).

www.healthyharmony.com  This is a GoDaddyWebbuilder site that needs to be build using their formulary software.


Additionally, we are currently producing some E-books and will need students to assist with production e.g. Kindle, E-pub, PDF; indexing; Table of contents; checking of text; and ultimately marketing even. There are opportunities to use state of the art technologies and learn how to amplify Amazon and other sites.


We have characteristically used mainly students for these tasks over the past two decades.

This has provided them the opportunity to work with an international expert in several fields, to obtain valuable experience, and if satisfactory, valuable career references.


We pay at good student rates depending on expertise and experience.  Extra incentive is added if tasks are completed appropriately on time.

Local applicants whom we can meet with are preferable, but not absolutely necessary.


Knowledge of good English and grammar is important.

The ability to work conscientiously, independently, competently, according to deadlines, timely and creatively, and, of course, honesty is an essential attributes.

You are not required to show skills in all these areas as multiple students may be employed depending on their skills.

We also recognize the need for flex-time for students and on their own computer from your home requiring an internet connection.

Tasks vary but will generally require 1-6 hours per week.


Apply by email to Admin2@pni.org.

Please attach a letter in .doc (not .docx) format.

The letter should be addressed to Professor Vernon Neppe.


Please mark the email: Student web applicant.

You might want to mention your skill sets with examples, references, experience and training, your attributes, names of references, grades, as needed. You must put in contact information.

Applicants will be required to complete some questionnaires, show any work product e.g. URLs they’ve worked on, and give references.

Thereafter, a selected group may be sent a further document to complete by secure email.

The positions are available immediately.

With my very best wishes, and good luck to the applicants.

Professor Vernon M Neppe MD, PhD, Fellow Royal Society (SAf), BN&NP, DFAPA, MMed (Psych), DPM psyche@pni.org Director, Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute (www.pni.org)  Seattle, WA, USA

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